The Smile Revolution Manifesto

I will change my world one smile at a time.

This we know to be true:

  • A smile transmits love
  • A smile increases joy
  • A smile is universal
  • A smile is an invitation to relationship
  • A smile awakens the heart
  • A smile is contagious
  • A smile is the affirmation of another
  • A smile reveals the Imago Dei
  • A smile is a choice to have gratitude
  • A smile distracts from pain and heals loneliness
  • A smile is a fountain of youth
The Smile Revolution Woman Smiling

As a smile revolutionary, I will:

  1. Choose to smile no matter what life brings
  2. Choose to smile believing that love is stronger than hate
  3. Choose to smile to overcome fear
  4. Choose to smile bomb (pass out smiles) in places in need of joy
  5. Choose to allow love to flow, knowing that as I give love, I receive love
  6. Choose to smile at those who need a smile most
  7. Choose to smile knowing a smile changes everything
  8. Choose to bring world peace by smiling at one person at a time
  9. Choose to risk being seen as foolish so that smiles may increase
  10. Choose to embrace life and show gratitude by smiling

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

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